Exodus Americanus # 128: A Deep Lethal Wind

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Put down your GED study guides, it’s time to set sail with the houseboat!  This week Borzoi joins Jim and Roscoe to talk about how gay checking oil is.


-Negative Ten Million Dollars

-The Bald Of Evil and His Horse

-Call Our New Sponsor!  844-359-6999

-White Pride World Wide


-Niggers Don’t Like Gay Marriage

-Weiner’s Trash


-Ron’s Grocery Affairs

-Why Use A Grenade?


53-Terms Of DMX

-Hitler Road and The Lightning Strikes

-I Prefer “Homestead Wife”


-Give Me A Rock

-Chad Nationalism

-Boxing Planning


-We Owe Them Another Nuke


-Borzoi, Physical Punishment and Bagels

-Spirit Animal


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