NotFunny Ep 5: Jax Saves Blacks (.feat garden)

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HOTEP KOMBAT!  This episode we are joined by Mr.Poop and Trees himself; garden!  Join us as we hope to never have to knock on wood, grind for IRL EXP, and discover the missing link!  However, no matter how hard we toil we will never be able to make the ultimate sacrifice: fixing every problem in the world by going back in time and ending black slavery like Jax in Mortal Kombat 11!  Wow!
Guest: garden
The Coconut Crew: Host Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg

03:30 – Jax Ends Slavery
14:00 – Mighty Mighty AAAAAAAAAAAHtones
25:00 – Chinese EXP Points
28:45 – Black Guy Filming The Missing Link
45:50 – Chris-Chan Impregnating Himself
58:55 – Reggie/Trump Theory
1:01:40 – Not Funny
1:04:45 – Talking Dog Movies
1:13:00 – Outro

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1 comment on “NotFunny Ep 5: Jax Saves Blacks (.feat garden)

  1. Eternal Anglophile

    There are funny American comedians? No, seriously, are there? Maybe we just get the worst exports over here.


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