NotFunny Ep 6: George Lopez Chihuahua

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DANA-NANANA! CHIHUAHUAAA! This is the episode literally nobody asked for as the Bro-nage a trois give the rundown on the ‘Citizen Kane-ine’ of our day; Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. Gather ’round the campfire for some Christian camp stories from Finley and Sydney, and find yourself enchanted as you flip through the pages of PowderKeg’s dream journal. Decide for yourself if this episode misses the ‘bark’ or hits the ‘Niall’ on the head. (I’m sorry)

The Coconut Crew: Host Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg

01:00 – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta
15:40 – Lindsay Lohan’s CG Smol Tiddies
20:50 – Extreeeeeeeme
22:00 – Judging Women(‘s Hands)
28:40 – Chihuahua’s cont.
34:15 – Calling Out Roscoe
36:10 – Christian Camp Memories
41:00 – Jonah Hill’s Female Pedophile Show
43:00 – PowderKeg vs. PowerPuff
49:00 – The Many Faces of Niall Boylan
1:01:50 – Outro

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