NotFunny Ep 7: Iron Man Dies

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We spoil Avengers: Endgame. The entire movie. That’s it. It fucking sucked.

The Coconut Crew: Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg

00:50 – Angry Bois
03:40 – Part I: Captain Woman Pushes Spaceship
23:30 – Part II: Suicide Contest
32:50 – Intermission: Keg Hates Baby Groot
39:20 – Part III: The Chaos Emerald War
44:15 – Part IV: Iron Man’s Heart Pooped On By Stinky Fish
46:10 – Epilogue: Time Travel Is Retarded, The Future Is Black
51:00 – Old Black People Playing Basketball > Marvel
59:30 – Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Conspiracy
1:05:45 – NotFunny: Minecraft
1:12:30 – Outro


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