NotFunny Ep 8: Everyone Is Gay But Us

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Punching in every direction! This week the Coconut Crew shits on basically everybody! Is Autism the next step in human evolution? Is it a good thing that your GF’s parents are dead? We’ve got a fist full of HOT theories on this episode of NotFunny.
The Coconut Crew: Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg

01:15 – Return of Baby Groot
07:00 – Predator Autism
14:50 – Game of Thrones Meltdowns
32:40 – Smoke is Woke
36:40 – Black Peepo Are Sea Turtles
41:50 – Marry An Orphan
49:30 – Horseshoe Theory Is About Pedos
54:00 – Anime Makes You Gay
1:03:30 – Book Publisher Problems
1:06:40 – Goodnight Minecraft
1:12:30 – Outro


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