NotFunny Ep 11: PowderKeg Gets Owned

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I respect you ghost GF! I respect you! This episode the Coconut Crew delve into … you know what, fuck it. I (PowderKeg) write these show notes and I got fucking owned. I admit it. Fucking whatever. Fuck you.

The Coconut Crew: Host Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg

00:30 – Women Cumming To Death
03:20 – Sissy Hypno Is Ancient
09:00 – 2020 Olympics Will Be Anime
18:20 – Dungeons & Dog-Fuckers
20:20 – Finley Loves Ghost GFs
27:20 – The Infamous Cici’s Pizza Story
36:25 – CBS Sitcom About Nigerian Nurse
43:00 – Local News Is Retarded
55:15 – Fat Goth Girl
1:03:50 – Outro

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2 comments on “NotFunny Ep 11: PowderKeg Gets Owned

  1. Bradshaw

    I’ll assume my invite to come back from “the old show that shall not be named” got lost in the mail


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