Dope Movies and Shows Episode 17 – Climate L’Chaims

Hot off the heels of solving Batman, the Dope Bros. move onto Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Crisis/Hotgate/Additional Search Engine Term.

00:00:44 – Intro and “news”
00:21:30 – An Inconvenient Truth
00:57:30 – An Inconvenient Flop (no seriously, the sequel bombed hard)
01:43:09 – Climate Hustle


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Musician: Runners Club 95
Album: Panama Papers

2 thoughts on “Dope Movies and Shows Episode 17 – Climate L’Chaims

  1. My understanding is that IPCC/institutional leaks have suggested that they (British universities in particular) were indeed manipulating raw data, which may be what Grey was talking about. If they’re not manipulating raw data, they’re fudging the statistical testing at a very low level, which, at that point, is functionally indistinguishable from manipulating the data unless you have full access to it and are capable of replicating the method yourself.


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