NotFunny Ep 12: Dirty Diapers Bitch (feat. Bryden Proctor)

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Back on track after a little hiatus and we’ve brought our friend Bryden along for the ride. This episode we talk about Finley’s perilous adventures, Elizabeth Warren’s diapers, and asian babies eating pine cones. Is Bill Hicks still alive? Can Jesse Lee Peterson defeat Tracy Morgan? Find out on this episode of NotFunny.

The Coconut Crew: Host Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg
Guest: Bryden Proctor

02:20 – The Legend of Finley: Breath Of The Wild
10:00 – Birds or Bees Might Straight Up Kill You
17:50 – Hindu Elizabeth Warren
20:00 – Black Queerer
40:15 – Bill Hicks 2019
48:40 – Vietnamese Girl Eats Pine cones
53:10 – Racial Olympics
1:03:00 – Jesse Lee Peterson vs. Tracy Morgan
1:08:15 – Senile Old Celebrities
1:19:00 – Outro

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