Exodus Americanus 165: Greet the Darkness

greet the darkness

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This week Walrus and Roscoe give the Houseboat everything they have got, and still manage to touch almost none of their prep.
It’s a harrowing ride into the darkest hours before dawn, but as always we are here to ride shiny and chrome until the outboard motor falls off.

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1 comment on “Exodus Americanus 165: Greet the Darkness

  1. AceOfBased

    You asked for it, you get it. Me, 13 years old and in Boy Scouts. Camping during the weekend found an old bag half full of old smut mags up in a wooden lean to. This was only to be topped by the time we discovered a hatch in the highschool’s janitorial closet. After hours, we waited for the coast to clear. It lead to a dirt floor basement with cinderblock walls. Far off in the dark, on the far side of this creepy ass murder site to be, was a big gunny sack. A burlap bag stuffed to the brim and leaned up against the corner. As we opened the treasure trove with anticipation we were shocked to find it CHOCK FULL of the nastiest, most immoral porno mags we could have imagined or had seen. Those pesky janitors.



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