NotFunny Ep 19: Candy Van (feat.Zach/yoloswagstudios)

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Grab a boba and a bowl of butt-candy and get comfy because this week our guest Zach (yoloswagstudios) joins us for a chat on Chinese tenacity, boomers being boomers, and certain people with candy that may or not be in their butt.

The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and PowderKeg
Guest: Zach/yoloswagstudios)

00:25 – Candy Cavity Search
04:45 – Chinese vs. Africans
10:20 – Boomer Car Chase
20:00 – Re-Re-turn of Pizzability
31:30 – Poop Stories
35:40 – Notorious Liars Movie Date
42:20 – Karate Chopping Pam Beesly
47:20 – Syd’s Million Dollar Idea
51:07 – David Duke Cockblock
55:00 – Anti-Anime
1:06:20 – Floridians
1:12:10 – Outro

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