NotFunny Ep 22: The Macaroni Symposium

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Namsifu mungu kwa and welcome to the NotFunny Safari! This week we touch on taco truck rage, people that listen to Phish, and uncut baby dick. The audio is a little buggier than usual so bear with us.

The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and PowderKeg

01:40 – ShopLyfting
05:00– Phish Phry
11:50 – Jumbo Jenga Safari
24:30 – Shoutouts!
27:45 – Taco Tussle
36:45 – Vice Documentaries
44:00 – Liking Food is Gay?
50:00 – Amnesia Roofies
57:20 – Women and Baby Dick
1:03:40 – Outro


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