NotFunny Ep 23: Gamer Show

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Happy Anniversary Dreamcast! This week we discuss a time of yore; when you could rent a console, along with the philosophy of strip clubs, and whether or not anyone wants to fuck tall girls..

The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and PowderKeg

01:40 – John Hagee is Reed
04:45– Nobody Wants To Fuck Tall Girls
13:40 – Michael Jackson Pros and Cons
20:35 – LittleKeg Blockbuster contest
28:00 – Street Style
32:50 – Syd is GrumpyCat
34:40 – Fuck You Internet Gaming Hero
38:00 – Covetous
55:00 – Chasing The Chaggot
1:05:10 – Outro

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1 comment on “NotFunny Ep 23: Gamer Show

  1. Hyperdrive is big gay.


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