Dope Cryptids and Ghosts Episode 24 – Punitive Pagans: The Wicker Man / Darklands / Midsommar

As it turns out, White people did have a culture.  A paranormative episode.

00:00:44 – Burning Man
00:23:54 – Tiroeddcymysg
00:39:41 – When the Swedecuck jokes get out of hand


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6 thoughts on “Dope Cryptids and Ghosts Episode 24 – Punitive Pagans: The Wicker Man / Darklands / Midsommar

  1. Oh gawd. You’ve turned me into the Well Akshully guy…

    The Pagan/Christian struggle is a Jew gay op. In the beginning, we all got along. Outside Rome, Heathens and Christians traded freely both objects and ideas.

    The whole idea of the marauding Pagan is an invention cooked up by polemical evangelists who themselves were often conversos. When you look at their tactics, they echo. As hominem attacks, straw men, all were used by (((apologists))) whereas the earlier Evangelists sought to find what Pagans believed that was good and Christlike.


    • I don’t think you’re ackshully’ing, because I feel like I said as much. Pre-Christ Europeans weren’t nuts like the films ask us to believe. In keeping with the nature theme, Europeans are the most fertile soil on Earth for God’s Word, and that includes all time they were “pagan.” I bet He wishes He had started with us!

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      • There is a philosopher I used to like. Peter Kreeft. He believed that the Greeks had inspirations from GOD, with the way some of their monotheistic or henotheistic philosophies went.

        For what it’s worth, I’m on the opposite side of the looking glass. I’m a Heathen, but I find nothing at all offensive about Christianity in Nationalism. In the best parts of it I see a lot of the heroic pagan virtues, moral philosophy et. al explored by the Graeco-Roman races. Iesvs himself, inasmuch as I can see, fits in nicely at the end of a long Aryan pantheon of dieing, rising self-sacrificial Gods.

        And some of my best friends are Christian and Nationalist. So I find a lot of the anti-christian baggage in racial paganism to be pretentious and counterproductive.

        Regardless, I wanted you to know I appreciated listening in. Your coverage was sound and I always like it when admonitions against infighting are done.

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