NotFunny Ep 29: Headcrush

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WHAT IF THE MOON WAS FILLED WITH BOOBS AND BALLS?! You got questions and we got manswers. This week we join our buddy garden to talk about gay Indian masseuses, cumming to death, and liposuction malfunctions.

The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and Chalupa Juarez
@SydneySenex @IsuukD @PowerKing357
Guest: garden

• Eating Sawdust
• All Fish Are Pedophiles
• Bone-sucked
• Gay Massage
• MMO Coomers
• Fat Chad Headcrusher
• Manswers Posting
• Retard Noises

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2 comments on “NotFunny Ep 29: Headcrush

  1. John Grammaticus

    Press F for
    F I N A L L Y

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beardson beardly - slaveowner of all chinese people

    ogh fuck i’m am gonna poopy ing


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