Political Science Theater: Iron Blooded Orphans

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Welcome back, faithful listeners!
Tonight as we bring back the vaunted Political Science Theater, we step away from Warhammer 40,000 and into another grim future for humanity.
A future where human lives are traded for next to nothing, and where the fate of millions is decided by duels between giant mechas. This is Iron Blooded Orphans.
Join Walrus Aurelius and special guest Gator of the Killstream as they dig deep into the lore or Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans!

music provided by Sword and Bolter

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2 thoughts on “Political Science Theater: Iron Blooded Orphans

  1. Dudes I’m sorry but I couldn’t get into IBO after the group of child soldiers had broken free of their overlord and then have to put themselves under the thrall of a brown dude who owns his own spaceship filled with multiple women who’ve already had the brown dude’s children and whom are all also better pilots than the child soldiers whom are also all young men. Even after hearing how this brown dude is supposed to be a “patriarch” who’s “saving these women”, I’m not sold. Out of all the possible patrons in the solar system that the child soldiers could’ve partnered with, out of all the possible ways they could’ve eked out survival, the creator chose…this.


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