Exodus Americanus 238: Walrus and Roscoe’s Jugband Christmas

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5 days til Christmas and the houseboat can’t wait. Now’s the time to get in those cheesy movies, hand made grandma sweaters, spicy eggnog, and other classic Christmas treats. While you’re at it put on this week’s episode of Exodus Americanus.


Walrus and Roscoe’s Jugband Christmas
Which Charles is which?
The single mom question
70s problems today
Fix your own things. You can do it.
No-sun bros
Getting into the spirit
Deciever resistant
Tales of the Chadpole

The Walrus and The Carpenter
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Special thanks
Getting good with your hands
Sweet grabs
The many readings of Roscoe
Boarish Behavior 2: The Dumb Bitchening
Kubla Kahn as read by Walrus Aurelius


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Roscoe : 131979457
Warlus : 1080833720

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One thought on “Exodus Americanus 238: Walrus and Roscoe’s Jugband Christmas

  1. I’ve been watching Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas every Christmas season for many, many years. I was introduced to it by an ex-girlfriend who used to cheer every time the news reported that an Israeli soldier had been killed. Back then I was a normie conservative and she was a commie leftist so I didn’t really get it and we didn’t last, but I have always liked the movie.

    I feel closer now (to you internet strangers) than ever before. But I hate to have to tell you this…and I hope it doesn’t ruin the movie for you…




    Ma Otter is Jewish.

    So is Chuck Stoat

    The movie is based on a story by Russell and Lillian Hoban. Russell Hoban was the author of Riddley Walker (one of the best post-nuclear-appocalypse stories of all time). His talent for writing ran in the family, his father was a manager for the Jewish Daily Forward. When it was printed in Yiddish. And it’s Lillian “Aberman” Hoban. Yes, they’re both Jewish.

    The way I see it, nothing is impossible for God. My kids like the song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. They also sometimes ask if a random “bad guy” is Jewish. Because, you know. They did kill Jesus. I explained that Rudolph was invented by Jews who don’t like Jesus and didn’t want to do a song about Jesus for Christmas. But, I said, look at the glory of God, he took that song and made it a fun song for us to sing at Christmas time, when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

    So, some Jews helped Jim Henson make a great Christmas movie that doesn’t mention Jesus and doesn’t feature any good father figures (Pa Otter was a failure who didn’t provide for his family in case of his untimely death) but…it’s still a great movie.


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