Ep 90 Deeps Sea Smegwalking

Tonight the gang get into the deep end with Deep Sea cryptids, sea monsters and HP Lovecraft


  • @bigolbladesmith
  • @Distolero
  • @BigSipOfMonster
  • @ArgonJerry69
  • @FlameUponHerb


Intro music by Sirius Cyrus:

This podcast is hosted by ZenCast.fm

2 thoughts on “Ep 90 Deeps Sea Smegwalking

  1. The reason we explore the endless empty abyss which is space is because if we look toward the earth we will only see God and the jews don’t hate us they hate GOD and they know he exists that’s why they shriek at his name and they hate all his creations and we the white man are his most prized and powerful creations and we have been given the task of lording over his creations and learning the Lord. We didn’t crawl out of Africa like the monkey that invade us.
    Hollow earth more like hell and the abyss which the beast is throw into, the “old ones” of the oceans more like Nephilim, the oceans prove God
    all your questions can be answered easily by looking for the Lord and his enemies in every thing you question.
    I would advise you invite a Child of God who has knowledge in the Lord and his lore like the books of Enoch and such and have him join you guys as a co host.
    God’s blessings, remember the 14 words and Hail Heaven.


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