The Daily Decade Prayercast 3.56

Series 3, Ep. 56: Doubt and Faith

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The Daily Decade for Spy Wednesday retreads some ground we walked yesterday, due to the horrible audio quality of the last broadcast. We reflect on the doubt of Thomas, the doubt of Judas, the penitence of Ss. Mary Magdalene, Augustine of Hippo, and Mary of Egypt, and the example of Bl. Bartolo Longo, and the necessity of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Contrition in our preparation for Easter.

God love you!

It is HOLY WEEK! Remember St. Thomas Aquinas definition of “effeminicacy” when you shrink from your mortifications:

Perseverance is deserving of praise because thereby a man does not forsake a good on account of long endurance of difficulties and toils: and it is directly opposed to this, seemingly, for a man to be ready to forsake a good on account of difficulties which he cannot endure. This is what we understand by effeminacy, because a thing is said to be “soft” if it readily yields to the touch… properly speaking an effeminate man is one who withdraws from good on account of sorrow caused by lack of pleasure, yielding as it were to a weak motion.

Summa II.II:138,1

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