Exodus Americanus 259: The Breast of Times

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It’s that time again! It’s the official podcast of summer, titties, and hard cider!

Some wild things
Flea market freakout
White boy summer sun
Inedible foods and bad decisions
If she were a snake
Pious meal prep
Dog days

I want to give it to ya

New sleeping habits
Training guy adbances
Power of positivity
Dull drum to no drum
Allowed to create
Almost forgot



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Roscoe : 1319794570

Walrus : 1080833720

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7 thoughts on “Exodus Americanus 259: The Breast of Times

  1. Can yall include episode numbers in the downloads again, it’s a pain in the ass finding them when I’m queuing it up for work


  2. All that talk about Arby sauce inspired me to get Arby’s and order extra sauce. First time this year I had fast food.


  3. Your show has really gone downhill since you and Tabby got doxed and split up. I hope you haven’t been flipped by the feds, but I see no other explanation for this ‘degenerates’ ‘pop out your titties’ ‘niggahs’ bullshit. Bring back the moral, comfy, Christian, nationalist Exodus Americanus we know and love.


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