Exodus Americanus 260: Roscoe: Devourer of Worlds 2028

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This week Roscoe is on the road, so the audio may have a few more wrinkles than usual. The mood is a little more somber this week, we had a rough one fam. We lost a legend.
Losing a legend
Oda don’t get that vaccine!
The character that should not be
Liberals agreeing for the wrong reason
Demons as aliens
Boarish Diversity
WF Index

We gon rock ya body

New grill time
Can has cheeseburger?
Vacation sometimes
Coworker horrors
Being in shape
Roskor The World Eating Dragon
Fags in retail who can’t drive
Ree and React


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Roscoe : 1319794570
Warlus : 1080833720

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