Exodus Americanus 270 – Democracy Meets the Day of the Pillow


Cast a line and drink with a friend, you know these houseboat boys are at it again. This week we steer this bad boy from the holler all the way to the bad decisions people just can’t seem to stop making. So gather around, and see if you can’t find the secret word, on this week’s Exodus Americanus.

Aquatic goal achieved
Hippie concerts return
But he doesn’t die
Big Naval No Nos
One punch missile
A journalist’s reward
Kevin Smith strikes again

DMX gets back up again

The good, the bad, the internet
More weird zoomer shit
The article that shouldn’t be
More lost radioactive material
The undercut steak challenge
How good Hook truly was
Boarish Behavior
Very honabru


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Exo Elwin


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3 thoughts on “Exodus Americanus 270 – Democracy Meets the Day of the Pillow

  1. >be walrus
    >complain about interacting with listeners
    >get compared to jew by horny yenta

    LMAO. That’s gold, Jerry.
    BTW, this show still not showing on gumroad, but the Pig review shows up under Posts, but not Membership>Content. No new Roscoe Rambling on either. Take it easy, enjoy your vacation (((walrus))).


  2. 1-Implying bugmen wear belts.
    2-Danke Gott I come from Prussia, where instead of a kingdom with an army we were an Army with with a kingdom.
    3-US Navy should be able to stop a relatively new Chinese invasion of Taiwan but I doubt PRC would do that to begin with. Nothing but propaganda value to sabre rattle for both sides. Obviously USN’s top tier D&D team wasn’t running that war game.


  3. Sorry for flooding comments but…
    4. My Grandfather’s cousin once stole a horse to impress a French girl in 1940. There is a longer version to the story usually interrupted by someone saying “America wasn’t in France until 1944” Who said my Grandfather’s cousin was fighting for America? That shuts them up.
    5. The paranormal podcast “more questions than answers” based here in Minnesota calls him “The Phantom Turdler” its an ongoing joke for years.
    6. I totally agree with Walrus’ take on Peter Pan 100%! “Hook” was ok. I can’t stand Robin Williams though. Well documented boys!
    7. Who would want to wear pants in the middle east? MC Hammer pants maybe.
    8th and final. There is a mountain in Central Germany served by a narrow scale railroad. Used to be the first tv antenna then a Soviet spy radio site. Currently occupied by boars!
    Love you all and God bless!


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