Exodus Americanus 277 – Simps of the Round Table


Have some fun then post your bail, the Great American Houseboat is setting sail.
We have a jam packed episode this week that will be sure to have you laughing, crying, and probably praying for the boys. So knock one back, cut your grass, and enjoy this weeks Exodus Americanus.

The passing of a legend
Be thankful for your time
Cut gems
Sword gifting
There I was, Arby’s sauce on her titties
Electro sensitivity
Safety control
Roscovian Jihad
Nicki went off
Laughing vs clapping

DMX Wave

Moose Pussy
Unintentional Faraday cage
Spectrum killers
Bad wiring
AI demons
Predictions of turmoil
The warning has been made


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Exo Elwin


Steam Codes

Roscoe : 1319794570
Warlus : 1080833720

You can send cash, money orders, or swords and axes to:
Exodus Americanus
POBox 519
3818 Paoli Pike
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119


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bitcoin: 1D5RVLZYBE9ctLDfL6L4yop8LB1wEYPx2a
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1 comment on “Exodus Americanus 277 – Simps of the Round Table

  1. unityostara

    I hate doing the “morn for celebraty” thing but I love Norm Macdonald. Honest comedian and probably the best at dead pan. Probably the last mainstream person who was “our guy”. Funny thing is, even our enemies recognize his talent. Watched “Dirty Work” with my Oma and as much as she found it degenerate, caught her giggling a few times. My favorite Muslim quote ” he who makes their companions laugh deserves paradise” Sehen sie im Wallhala! God Bless you Norm!


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