Exodus Americanus 278 – Higg Boson Personality Collider


Cry hell yeah and let slip the hogs of war. We’re back again this week bringing you the next best 2 hours of content this side of the internet. So trade in that grass mowing simulator for cutting some real grass and while your at it pop an earbud in for this weeks Exodus Americanus.

Awesome listener present
Ace of Based
The poo reader
Sources of knowledge
Charging a solution to a non-issue
Nigg Boson Personality Coordinator

The Blacks gon take it from ya

Power in music
The many looks of Roscoe
The Vax left
Honing the BS detector
Transaction economy
Manipulating empathy
Order for chaos
Boarish Behavior


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Exo Elwin


Steam Codes
Roscoe : 1319794570
Walrus : 1080833720

You can send cash, money orders, or good albums to:
Exodus Americanus
POBox 519
3818 Paoli Pike
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119


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1 comment on “Exodus Americanus 278 – Higg Boson Personality Collider

  1. unityostara

    Ace of Base is secretly based indeed. ABBA sucks! AoB was one of the very few pop groups I listened to in the 90’s. Allegedly they were named after the base of u-boat aces near the Swedish-Norwegian border. ‘Happy Nation’, ‘The Sign’ probably confirmed.


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