Exodus Americanus 285 – Esoteric Political Brain Damage


This episode contains the following:

Totally based and/or redpilled ideas and/or opinions, mild amounts of drinking, cringe that people really post on the internet and irl, possible humor, as a treat.
Shilling for the Gumroad (check the link below), cool break music, *and* a good looking production guy. Enjoy!

4 Doors More Whores build
The Chad Metroid
Evil to them
Suffer for a purpose
Church of progress

Thunder poppin

To be continued…
The reality of service
Mormans jewing God
Unhealthy ways to see the lord
The sharing circle


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Exo Elwin





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7 thoughts on “Exodus Americanus 285 – Esoteric Political Brain Damage

  1. Wait… y’all niggas have a paywall? Lol. Somehow I didn’t know that.
    Do y’all have the same system as TDS where I have to go bury an item in the dirt at a crossroads at midnight or can I just come up to the Appalachians and hit a “Hooty hoooo!!!” and give you a barrel of whiskey in exchange for access?


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