Exodus Americanus 289 – Journey to the Rest(room)


Say it out loud, so all can hear. Them boar boys are spreading Christmas Cheer. We’re counting down the days, to not only the best holiday, but also the new year. grab a drink and sit down next to that fire and get cozy with this weeks, Exodus Americanus.

Cowboy cancelation
Archetypal Energy Fighters Z
Christmas hats
Sweet drinks
Beating the matrix
The true battle of our time

DMX: Vampire Killer

Roscoe work
Messin with Karen
Medical gut invasion
Psycho’s analysis
Miles’s Sci-Fi contest
Boarish Behavior

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Exo Elwin





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6 comments on “Exodus Americanus 289 – Journey to the Rest(room)

  1. TiredofYourShit

    You guys are fucking FAGS now holy shit. Why do you constantly feel the need to preach to your audience about how to behave? And you come at it the same way the left does with the assumptions and probably projections.
    Your do-nothing “la la la it doesnt bother me” shit clearly isn’t working, so shut the fuck up and step out of the way.
    Make your bird houses, talk about self improvement, shit you are nostalgic about consuming, whatever.
    Just shut the fuck up before you think to preach at us again.
    Christianity is a fucking sham btw.
    If you’re not willing to fight for what matters you deserve to lose everything.


    • If it’s not working, then why does it matter what we do?

      >Christianity is a sham
      Oh, one of these.


    • Mario J. Goretti

      I am interested to know what for you was the hardest part of your attempt to live a Christian life, and what personal fault led you to give up on it?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Uhh what are you doing to fight bro?
      How can we ever hope to hold our own against the jew out there if we can’t fight the jew in our hearts? Whats your bench? Have you been to the gym lately? If you ever need help becoming stronger, how about you talk to me on discord: Vallhund#4738.


  2. You don’t know how much of a fucking bitch you sound like, Walrus.
    You fat tub of shit, you’re not even married and your V card is probably still valid judging by the amount of fat and estrogen in your fucking voice


  3. Everyone had to get fingers up the pooper for the SF & HALO physical, so don’t worry Rosco, John Rambo could do it, so you can too.
    Also, Titus got demoted to Lt now and has an Inquisition marker on that chain on his right arm. Could get interesting.
    I think that troon may have exaggerated his importance in the making of the game.
    Like Walrus pointed out, He admitted afterward that he wasn’t actually the lead writer overall.
    They lie to themselves. Why wouldn’t they lie to the internet?
    Also, if you make a ExAm shirt with the phrase “Have you ever had warm Tang?”, I’ll buy one.
    Hope y’all weren’t affected by the storms, btw.


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