Exodus Americanus 292 – Metal Gear Normie Vax Eater


It’s just in, go spread the word. Its houseboat time, and it’s gonna be absurd. How is everyone doing? Hopefully good, and about to be better. We have another fantastic episode waiting just for you! Long time friend of the houseboat and international pirate extraordinaire Luffy returns to help with navigating this weeks, Exodus Americanus.

Oh shit, he’s back
Racism with facts and logic
He-man woman-haters
The Chungus Legacy
Reruns Redone
School social abilities

Bring me to DMX

Luffy’s has crabs
Tactical assault shawl
Roscoe’s weakness
Beating a dead economy
Rona zealots
Self care pilled

For the next 3 days @BigBossLuffyD

Poast & NoBodyHasTheBiz

Contest link


RSS: https://audio.nobodyhasthe.biz/api/v1/channels/exodus_americanus/rss

Exo Elwin





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Roscoe : 1319794570
Walrus : 1080833720

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