Exodus Americanus 293 – I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Get Vaxxed)


Here in the flesh, here in the cheer, The boys have set sail, so open your beer! RIP Meat Loaf, we hardly knew ye, even if our parents all loved your music.

Rude karaoke
Mistakes were made
Hand mask safety
Job site bants
The joys of working remotely
I’m frugal and rich
90 Day Brisket Challenge

Modest DMX

One with the drywall
It’s a dragon nerd
Waman astronaut
Worship through giving
Hank is Black now
Don’t be a slouch
Weather update

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Exo Elwin





Steam Codes
Roscoe : 1319794570
Walrus : 1080833720

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Exodus Americanus
POBox 519
3818 Paoli Pike
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119


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2 comments on “Exodus Americanus 293 – I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Get Vaxxed)

  1. Hey guys, been having it rough lately, was wondering if you could keep my family in your prayers. My father passed away two weeks ago suddenly. It’s been rough. I’ve been close to my father since I was born and I worked with him until I was almost 28 in framing and construction. He was my best friend, counselor, and the guiding light in my life. He kept me alive through my divorce and my best friend dying last year and without him I’m so lost. You guys don’t know me but our parallels have made me question life sometimes.. I’m glad my care package with all the black tape found you well. I’ve been more fortunate in certain aspects of my life and less in others than you guys but I know that even though I’m alone out here where I am that there’ are many number of people who think and feel like me. It gives me hope to know that there are people out there who though providence alone have come to the same conclusions about the state of the world as I’ve had. Who seek to build a community of like minded individuals to pursue our vision and have found each other and work together to build a brotherhood. Thanks for showing me all that and it’s possibilities. You guys may think that what you do is sometimes insignificant but I know that the seeds that we plant today will blossom into a better future for us and all mankind should we stay true to ourselves. To all the people like us who feel alone please have faith that one day we’ll meet those like us and use that strength to keep going no matter how hard or hopeless life seems. Each one of us is a flame that will guide the way for other lost souls yet to discover one another. -JAS


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