Exodus Americanus 301 – The Exorcism of Roscoe Jones


Wherever you’re at, and wherever you go. Be on the look out, if you know you know. There’s something brewing in the dark over there. There seems to be a houseboat on the horizon and it’s rising to the top brother. This week we welcome back a wonderful guest, Tom from You Had Me At Bigfoot. So get up, get down, and get ready for another round on with this week’s Exodus Americanus.

Tom goes to the Houseboat
Soundboards and stand up
Big Bubba Liberals
Self empathy
RIP Razor
Science of the Fittest
Praise be to our God

X gon be a bad Guy

Feeling off
Breaking the chains
The toxic nice guys

You Had Me At Bigfoot

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5 thoughts on “Exodus Americanus 301 – The Exorcism of Roscoe Jones

  1. This was exceptional, the perfect blend of fun and somber conversation that makes the houseboat what it is. Big thanks to the three of you. Walrus’ comment on the feeling of dread after prayer really got me thinking in a major way, since I’m dealing with the same. To add to it, there is also a great deal of uncertainty in honestly praying for help, since it feels like a loss of control, especially when you are at a point where a great many things feel out of your control.
    Personally, I have dealt with abuse of alcohol and tobacco for longer than I care to admit, and one night fell on my knees and prayed for Him to give me the strength to go to bed and not go for another smoke and a beer. As it happened I was able to go without, but all the same felt a dread heavier than had I been stranded on an island without those vices. Tbh it kept me from trying again for about a year, but things are getting better. Listening to you guys definitely has played a part, and this seemed like the moment to weigh in and thank you.

    All the best,
    – Niles

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    1. Sometimes the only way to move forward tis to surrender control and know that you need to Trust in God to deliver you. Power on through buddy, you’ll be in my prayers.


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