The Daily Decade 2, No. 4

Series 6, Episode 4: The Lord Shall Visit the Humble

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Today’s Daily Decade, on the Feast of St. Norbert of Xanten, offers prayers for Gregory, the father of one of our listeners, who is struggling after being named chief inheritor of his parents’ estate, dealing with the stresses and sorrows of that compounded with family members who after years of absence have returned to act as accusers seeking some of the inheritance. We offer prayers to Ss. Mary and Martha of Bethany to strengthen him in this time of sorrow and guard him from the worldlings who seek their reward in this life, that he might reap the treasures of Heaven.

Today’s reflection recalls the central characters of the Visitation, and the way in which the Blessed Mother and S. Elizabeth manifest that greatest of all virtues, namely humility, and how we can do the same, giving glory to God by way of offering Him those blessings He sends us. 

God love you!

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