Exodus Americanus 326 – Regeaholics Anonymous

In times good and in times bad, the Houseboat Boys are getting MAD! In this episode we talk about anger, what makes us angry, and what we do about it in real life when the rubber hits the road (or the Pajeet hits the Customer service line). Enjoy!

Ding Dong
Steel Beams Day
Special Guest Appearance
Double subversion
The week of weeks

No Sleep for Regulaters

Dealing with people
Fun times
Fan Mail
Common sense fails
The loss of control

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5 thoughts on “Exodus Americanus 326 – Regeaholics Anonymous

  1. I heard that the woman that was killed in Memphis, Tennessee was jogging in a part of the city considered safe. She’s also a billionaire. They spoke with Memphis attorney Keith Alexander from the Political Cesspool who told them about what’s going on in the city. It was on the Mike and Warren show.

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    1. Yeah their take on this is terrible. Straight up victim blaming. White women get murdered by blacks in broad daylight all the time. Is every White woman who lives in a big city supposed to move to the country or something? A lot of people can’t afford that. Even if they could, there will come a time when escaping this shit won’t be possible.

      Should White women try to be safer? Yes. Should liberals Whites stop being naive about race? Yes. But that is beyond the point. They didn’t even mention the criminal n*gger that murdered her.


      1. Should, could, would; in reality – shouldn’t, can’t, and won’t. You should care for all Whites, you effectively can’t, and it wouldn’t change a thing if you insist on White knighting. The social divides going on in every natively white country, among whites, are too irreconcilable to repair. Personally, I’d stop trying to play with the notion of being concerned for your “fellow” ethnics and recognize you can’t fix stupid. Someone who can’t see the reality of race (or really the simple reality of negroes), even when directly confronted with it, isn’t someone you need to trust.


  2. Ah, man, cute kid. Never really heard him before; really puts a nice image to all stories of him being excited and doing kid stuff.


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