Little Wars 66: Overcooked Sausage Golem

Hey there Ex/Am dudes! Returning after a long hiatus innawoods to find ourselves and the heart of the cards, we return at last to bring you once again the podcast of Little Wars! Where we talk about traditional gaming, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, white nationalism and racism, and anime and monster girls!

If the extremely niche combination of all four of those topics isn’t enough to make your eyes roll natural 20s, drop on by to enjoy some absurd yet entertaining conversation about finished roleplaying games, a totally serious mystery debate topic, and a discussion of the extremely expensive cinematic shitshow that is the Rings of Power.

Warning: We do not recommend watching the Rings of Power. It is bad on many levels, and not in the way that is fun to laugh at, unfortunately.

Direct download link

If you’d like to join a like-minded community of traditional gamers, we have a process for doing so. Send one of us an email or a message on the fediverse to receive an invite link to a server where you can be vetted. We don’t check out emails very often, so poke us on the fediverse to get a quicker response.

You do need access to a microphone for this. Sorry for the run-around, but that’s how things go these days.

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