Achtung! Amerikaner – Gathering Of The Buffaloes

Gordon and Grug sit down to discuss the most recent Amerikaner event, The Gathering Of The Buffaloes, in a blatant attempt to instill FOMO and to talk about upcoming plans for future events. With almost 60 attendees from all over the Midwest and the country, and members of various organizations including a good showing from the Great Plains Active Club, this event shows continued growth and a victory for a strategy of networking and cooperation.

Achtung! Amerikaner – Landen Hoffmann

Gordon and Grug do a break down of the story of Landen Hoffman, a five year old White child who was thrown from a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America in 2019 by Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, a black man with a known history of racially motivated violent crime. Four years later, Landen has seen a remarkable recovery after spending weeks in intensive care following extensive injuries.

Achtung! Amerikaner – National Divorce

Gordon, Grug, and Fritz Hoss (of Ascending The Spectrum) discuss the recent flare up of liberal hand-wringing caused by comments from Marjorie Taylor Greene about a "National Divorce" - the separating of states based on how they vote. While seccession talk is always common, what is less common is the level of support - 20% of Americans, as of a recent poll. As the United States sees further decline, some form of balkanization seems inevitable - but will it really split along current political parties?