Exodus Americanus 181: A Subsidiary of The Glorious Peoples Republic of China

hog vs dog

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This week the Houseboat welcomes their new shareholders aboard to celebrate the acquisition of Exodus Americanus by The Peoples Republic of China and Ten Cent Games! It’s another ride around the lake with your favorite Appalachians, Walrus and Roscoe!
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Exodus Americanus 178: Ride the Lobster

ride the lobster

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Yohoho! All aboard the Great American Houseboat! This week Walrus and Roscoe are joined by a healthy dose of┬áSchadenfreude as they take aim at the fall of Jordan “Wash Your Penis” Peterson, and talk about overcoming grief and setbacks, and then shitpost for a solid hour plus. Continue reading

Exodus Americanus 176: Roscoe’s Big House Adventure and Other Stories

jail time

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Yo ho ho ho! Welcome back aboard dear friends! To make up for taking the week off, we decided to one of our best shows we’ve put out in a while. Walrus and Roscoe touch on a few pieces of content, but mostly they just talk about things they enjoy. Continue reading