NotFunny Ep 9: Birthday Butt BBQ

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Syd and Keg want to have a light-hearted talk about childhood birthday parties but Finley is more interested in talking about serial killer Albert Fish who enjoyed eating the butts of his victims. Also Game of Thrones shit.

The Coconut Crew: Host Syd Senex, Finley, and PowderKeg

01:30 – Adolf Hitler Loves Syd
05:40 – Birthday Stories
12:00 – Finley Talks About A Serial Killer
33:43 – Jesus Wore Pants, OK?
37:40 – Back To Birthdays
50:00 – Finley Back On Serial Killers
52:40 – Game of Owned Finale
1:10:14 – PowderKeg’s h- (NOPE, FUCK YOU FINLEY)
1:12:40 – Outro