Dope Movies and Shows Episode 9 – Ridley Scott Games: Snatcher & Blade Runner / Metroid & Alien / Zelda & Legend

The Japanese haven’t invented anything in 600 years (we can say this because we are both half-Japanese, and Hemmingford was born there before migrating to Guyana).

00:00:44 – Snatcher / Blade Runner
00:34:30 – Metroid / A L I E N
00:46:08 – Zelda / Legend

Metroid improvement hacks:
“Saving” (savegames, map) –
“mOTHER” (“Saving” & total modernization) –

Zelda improvement hacks:
“Font Mod” (retranslation, overworld map, more) –
“Simplified” (better combat & travelling) –


Musician: Runners Club 95
Album: Panama Papers

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