The Daily Decade 2, No. 100

Series 12, Episode 10: Joy, Sorrow, and Purification

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Today’s Daily Decade, for the Feast of St. Euphrasia, offers prayers for the young lady hosting the Alithea Xeniplothike channel on Telegram, that she might discern her vocation clearly and faithfully. We beg the intercession of Ss. Benedict and Scholastica, two great monastics who, though brother and sister, were called separately by God to live a life pleasing to Him in a monastery.

Today’s reflection turns to the Blessed Mother and Holy Simeon in the Temple, and the way sorrow of this world mingles with joy – particularly, how this should motivate us to seek the unalloyed joy of Heaven, our native home, the way a feeling of nostalgia draws us back to that which is good but no longer with us, we must have a nostalgia for God – longing to be with Him, knowing we can never truly be perfectly with Him as long as we are here. 

Advisory: I had to use a different pair of headphones to record, so the background noise is a little worse than usual. Long-time listeners will remember when every episode sounded like this, speaking of nostalgia! We’ll be back to normal Wednesday.

God love you!

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